Hair & Makeup Artistry



Soft  blonde coloring

Smooth shaped bob line, haircut & style.

Makeup enhancing natural

features,  bringing out the beauty in her eyes.


Natural sun lightened  highlights

Eyebrows lightened and arched to frame face and natural makeup


Highlights to breakup darkness of haircolor

Makeup to even out skin tone and bring lightness under eyes.

Eyebrows arched and lightened


Hair long but framed and layered around  face for the  natural waves to bounce back.  Baliage swept thru the hair.

Airbrush makeup for a beautiful glow, eyes enhanced and eyebrows filled in.



Chocolate glaze to darken hair.  For Makeup, eyebrows are darkened & filled in, with natural makeup for a finished look

Glamourous Hair & Makeup

for an evening out!


  For Heather who hardly wears any makeup, she is truly a natural beauty after her one on one, private makeup lesson


On her makeover we reshaped her hair and gave a color gloss.  It’s fascinating because from changing her part, we created two completely different looks.  The first more for an evening out, the second photo with softer makeup is a daytime look!